Large wedding party with bride and groom with 2 big dogs as ring bearers - mountains and lake background

Pet Handlers for a Perfect Wedding Day

2 September 2022

Plan For Your Vision & Enjoy Your Day!

My Jasper Nanny was so lucky to be a part of this wedding. But I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Several nannies were booked to provide care & entertainment for the kids’ party. I had a role as part of the wedding party… or so I thought.

Well, my first role was to plan the kids’ party, put together crafts suitable for various ages & book the nannies. That was pretty easy since the bride made sure to book 1 1/2 months in advance. All of the guests submitted their child-care forms at the same time, I think because the bride was so organized. Then came our first ever request to attend the wedding with the bride & groom’s dogs!

Meet the Ring-Bearer

dog looking out at ducks swimming on a lake - mountains and sunset background

About a month in advance, the bride contacted us to dog-sit and help them act as ring-bearer. I was really nervous. I was picturing walking down the aisle & wondering what I should wear and would I need to do anything more?

Plan For Success & Your Dream Wedding

bride's hand with wedding ring close-up - holding onto 2 dogs on leashes

Just days before the wedding, the bride set my mind at ease. She was incredibly organized! As it turned out, my part was to walk the dogs to make sure there was no chance of accidents during the wedding. Then during the ceremony, I handed the dogs over so they could walk down the aisle with a member of the wedding party.

As I sat at the back of the event, I noticed a guest struggling with a baby who was clearly had other things in mind. Before the fussing got louder, I offered to walk the baby in the guest’s stroller. I love it when I feel helpful  Once the dogs’ part in the ceremony was done, I took them for a walk around Lake Beauvert.

Relaxing After a (not so) Tough Gig

woman sitting on a park bench - holding leashes of 2 large great dane dogs

I had another nanny meet up with me to walk the dogs around Lake Beauvert. Aren’t these fur-babies gorgeous… and enormous!

I love that we were an important part of this event. It was amazing to see how everything came together with the bride’s attention to detail without even looking or sounding stressed. I swear she even ordered perfect weather. By managing the things that can and should be taken care of well in advance then, as the big day approaches, looking after other details, there was little left to chance & more opportunity to just enjoy the big day.

Guests whose kids were looked after by our nannies at the kids’ party were able to relax, kids were happier with the party than they would have been sitting still at the wedding, and the ceremony enjoyed the quiet, beautiful mountain backdrop of the Jasper Park Lodge.

We’re so tickled by the bride’s wonderful review on our Facebook page:

I cannot recommend My Jasper Nanny enough. I had my wedding at Jasper Park Lodge July 2019 and they helped handle our dogs during our wedding rehearsal, ceremony and for photos!!! They also took them on long walks and babysat in our room when we were visiting with family and friends and having dinners out, golfing etc… my dogs loved them and WE loved them. They also helped to orchestrate the children’s party and babysitting care during and after our wedding reception and all the kids had a blast and were sad when it ended! We couldn’t have had such a perfect weekend or magical wedding without them.

If you’re planning a wedding or any large event where guests might need childcare or pet-sitting, we can provide individual family care or, as with this wedding, provide a group kids’ event. It can get busy in Jasper especially in summer so it is best to book as far in advance as possible to make sure you have as perfect a day is this lovely bride and groom!

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