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Winter Wonderland Packing Tips

2 September 2022

How To Pack For Your Winter Jasper Vacation With Kids

Almost everyone I talk to will say one of the toughest things about travel is knowing how to pack. Whenever we go on a trip, even if its just a weekend away I tend to over-pack. Our last trip away was two weeks in Mexico. I packed for myself and both kids, ages 5 and 1. Clothes for a tropical holiday take up a small fraction of the suitcase space required of winter clothing.

baby wearing sun suit sitting on sand at a tropical beach - man watching her - kids building sandcastles - sailboats in the distance
Quinn & Peter on our Mexico Vacation

Make a List & Start Packing Early

I’m not sure if it was just excitement or maybe a little anxiety but was completely finished packing more than 4 weeks before our holiday! I found this helped me a lot. I was able to lay out our suitcases in the spare room and could keep adding to the piles when I thought of something that was missed.

Or Use a Packing App

woman sitting with child on seat in via rail train cabin - backpack at her feet
VIA Rail

If packing weeks in advance isn’t your thing, you could keep a list going to use as a checklist when it came to “packing day”. There are apps that can help with list-making. One really helpful packing app is Packing Pro. It’s not a free app but I’ve used the generic lists that come with the app & found it helpful. It also allows you to customize & save your own lists.

But How Do You Pack For The Mountains?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to pack for a mountain getaway. Lot’s of people aren’t sure what to pack especially for kids. It’s pretty much the same as I’d pack for myself: Layers!

Basic Packing List

Outerwear Clothing

  • 3 upper layers of clothing – long sleeve underwear (merino wool), a fleece top or turtleneck, and a waterproof jacket. Do not over-layer, or your child will overheat.
  • Two bottom layers of clothing per child  – long underwear bottoms, waterproof ski pants. 
  • Wool or synthetic socks. You won’t want cotton ones as they absorb wetness.
  • Snow boots for outside play. Get the boots that are snug enough so snow does not fall inside. Have sneakers ready for change for indoor activity.
  •  Mittens for smaller kids and gloves for age 6 and up.
  • Tube-shaped neck warmers that can be easily pulled up over lips or noses when it gets too cold. 
  • Warm hat

Toiletries & Accessories

  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher, applied every two hours and 20 minutes before exposure). 
  • Lip balm (Give one to each child to carry in pockets or backpack).
  • Sunglasses and ski goggles. Use sunglasses when weather is warm or not snowing. Goggles are a must when snow flurries emerge.
  • Personal backpack with extra clothes, car activities, snacks, comforting stuffed animal or toy.
  • Hand and foot warmer packs sold at sporting goods stores -or better yet reusable hand warmers! We love these Hotsnapz hand and foot warmers!
  • Energizing dry snacks stashed in pockets for kids going snowboarding or skiing.

Other Must-Haves

Don’t forget your bathing suits! Swimming at the outdoor heated salt water pool at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is an incredible experience in the winter! Make sure you bring your toque & sunglasses for swimming outdoors at the lodge’s pool!

boy at an outdoor pool in winter throwing snowball - woman sitting in hot tub holding baby
Snowballs & Swimming at the Jasper Park Lodge Outdoor Pool

Sunscreen, Merino & Layers

Layers are definitely your friend especially if you’re travelling to Jasper where the weather is unpredictable to the max. We can be hit with snow in July and, in the same week, sweltering, sunny beach weather. You don’t have to pack more … just pack smarter.

In Jasper, we love Merino Wool for all seasons, but especially in the winter! You will need quality foot wear if you plan to do any hiking. And if you forget anything there are several stores in Jasper to rent or shop for forgotten items!

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