We’ve got a number of favourite hiking trails – nature’s buffet! They’re each unique & satisfy various physical demands, time availability, and weather conditions.

Sadly, not all the trails in Jasper National Park are dog friendly. Dogs are prohibited from trails and areas in sensitive habitat to reduce the stress that dogs have on caribou, ground-nesting birds and other sensitive species

3 bighorn sheep grazing in a field next to a wooded hill
Bighorn Sheep

Why Restrict Dogs?

National parks protect and preserve areas of natural beauty and significance; but only if we manage our impact. This takes special legislation passed by the Canadian parliament, known as the National Parks Act. In part, the Act states that national parks have been established:

To protect for all time those places which are significant examples of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, and also to encourage public understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of this heritage in ways which leave it unimpaired for future generations.

National Parks Act of Canada

Jasper National Park is an incredibly pet friendly area & a perfect recreation area for families that include fur-babies. But, each year, Parks Canada assesses areas that require a period of rejuvenation & determines appropriate uses that will best protect the natural habitat.

Dogs are prohibited from trails and areas in sensitive habitat to reduce the stress that dogs have on caribou, ground-nesting birds and other sensitive species. It’s best to check each year as closures do change.

The good news is that most hiking trails in Jasper welcome dogs, provided they are always on a leash. The only exceptions are trails in the national park’s primary caribou habitats, such as Opal Hills, Cavell Meadows and Bald Hills. For a gentle and incredibly scenic walk, visit Maligne Canyon.

The following are some of the best hikes you’ll find anywhere & are an absolute must for those that appreciate true spectacular mountain wilderness. It’s well worth it to book a pet sitter & take in some of these hikes while your pet care nanny shows your fur-baby the sights on one of our pet-friendly trails.


Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act: maximum penalty $25 000.

Dog-Prohibited Trails

map showing areas where dogs are not allowed
Parks Canada 2023 Dog-Restricted Trails

Dogs are prohibited on the following specified trails and areas of Jasper National Park & 500 metres (1/3 mile) from the centre line to either side of the trail region.

Skyline Trail & Surrounding Area

man and woman hiking a narrow alpine mountain trail

This includes the Skyline Trail (trail 100), from Signal Trailhead to Maligne Lake, and also includes the Watchtower Trail (trail 102), Jeffery Creek Trail, and the Wabasso Lakes Trail (trail 101) (upslope of Wabasso Lakes), and adjacent areas. The skyline hike is one of the most popular hikes in Jasper and can be difficult to book. My favorite thing about this hike is that you cross 3 mountain passes and its quite a challenge. The views are incredible!

Bald Hills, Opal Hills Trails & Area

moutain stream

Bald Hills and Opal Hills Trails and surrounding area: This includes the Bald Hills Trail (trail 23) and Opal Hills Trail (trail 22), Surprise Valley, and the adjacent areas. These are two of our favourite day hikes. Opal Hills is very steep but does not take too long. Walking in the meadows here in late July is a wildflower enthusiast’s paradise!

Bald Hills is equally beautiful! If you have the time do both!! This is also one of the best areas in Jasper to go backcountry skiing and splitboarding! This hike is not as steep and also provides incredible views of Maligne lake.

Maligne Pass Trail

small mountain waterfall with mountains reflected in the river surface

Maligne Pass Trail and surrounding area: This includes the Maligne Pass Trail from Maligne Lake to Sunwapta Warden Station, and the adjacent areas.

Brazeau Loop & Surrounding Area

This includes the Poboktan Creek Trail (trail 132) from Sunwapta Station up to but not including the Brazeau Lake Campsite, and the Jonas Creek Trail (trail 131), from the Poboktan Creek Trail junction, up to but not including the Four Point Campsite.

This is on my bucket list? blah blah blah heeeeee

Tonquin Valley Trails & Surrounding Area

Snaring Rd. Trail

This includes the Tonquin Valley Trails (trails 105 and 106), Verdant Pass and Whistlers Creek. This includes the entire Tonquin Valley area, Meadow Creek, Astoria River and Portal Creek trails and Whistler Creek.

Cavell Region

glacier pieces floating in glacial mountain lake
Mt. Edith Cavell

Cavell Meadows Trail (trail 42) and the alpine meadows in the adjacent area. I love hiking in the meadows when the wildflowers bloom – typically mid-July to early August. There’s a good chance to see hoary marmots and pikas here!

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