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small mountain waterfall with mountains reflected in the river surface

Our Favourite Hikes

National parks protect and preserve areas of natural beauty and significance; but only if we manage our impact. Dogs are prohibited from trails and areas in sensitive habitat to reduce the stress that dogs have on caribou, ground-nesting birds and other sensitive species. It's best to check each year as closures do change. The following are some of the best hikes you'll find anywhere & are an absolute must for those that appreciate true spectacular mountain wilderness. It's well worth it to book a pet sitter & take in some of these hikes while your pet care nanny shows your fur-baby the sights on one of our pet-friendly trails.

Taking your pet on these trails could cost you a hefty fine
satellite image of North America night lights with a telescope icon marking Jasper's location

A Stargazers’ Paradise

Jasper's Dark Skies festival officially begins on October 13 & lasts through to October 29th. But, star gazing in Jasper's 11,000 square km dark skies preserve is an all-year long activity.

Do Look Up. Jasper's Night Skies Will Amaze You!

Fall is the Best Season

Fall is my favourite season & September is the best month of the year – the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before winter hits. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures colder, and the snow will start falling, eventually blanketing our summer toys. Trees change to brilliant colours in a last hurrah.

10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Fall

Exploring Jasper Part 2: Pre-Teens & Teens

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, Jasper, Alberta, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. For parents planning a trip to Jasper with their pre-teen kids, this enchanting destination offers a myriad of activities that will leave lasting memories and create an unforgettable family vacation. From awe-inspiring natural wonders to thrilling outdoor pursuits, there's something for everyone in Jasper. As summer unveils, these iconic destinations offer the perfect escape for parents seeking unforgettable experiences with their loved ones.

Exploring Jasper Part 2: Pre-Teens
boy leaping across rocks along a mountain river

Exploring Jasper Part 1: Preschoolers & Grade School

There is so much to see and do here in Jasper National Park. However, my advice when travelling with little ones is to pick one main activity per day to allow them time to explore! We love to visit all the lakes regardless of the weather! Beach day is everyday provided you've packed the right clothing!

Exploring Jasper Part 1: Preschoolers & Grade School
woman skating on a lake while pulling 2 kids on a toboggan and little white dog following

Winter Wonderland Packing Tips

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to pack for a mountain getaway. Lot’s of people aren’t sure what to pack especially for kids. It’s pretty much the same as I’d pack for myself: Layers!

Layers are your Rocky Mountain holiday friend
man crouched next to child wearing skis - skis and poles leaning against a buildin

We’re a Ski Family

What's a good age to start kids downhill skiing? Our first born started when he was not quite 3-years old. It might sound daunting if you imagine little kids using adult-style equipment.

Modifications & equipment for children
Large wedding party with bride and groom with 2 big dogs as ring bearers - mountains and lake background

Pet Handlers for a Perfect Wedding Day

Our first Wedding Pet Handler service was intimidating. It's a huge commitment that has to go just right. But, with a bride as organized as this one, not only was the ceremony a dream, but a delight working with the bride. Her extraordinary event organization attention to detail made the day a breeze.

More About 4-Legged Ring-Bearers
family with 2 little kids sitting at an outdoor dining terrace overlooking a lake

Kid-Friendly Dining In Jasper

Whether you’re on holidays in Jasper or just wanting to include your kids in dining out plans, you might not want the big price tag that can come along with food waste & tiny appetites. Even if your kids are adventurous diners, there’s a good chance that adult-sized meals are too big for small children

Kid-friendly places to eat in Jasper
baby sitting on carpet next to Labra-doodle dog and reaching for the dog toy

EC – Also known as the diaper free baby!

Your baby is trying to tell you that it’s time to go. Elimination Communication is not as time-consuming as full-time diapering and later potty training. It can, at times, feel inconvenient but the benefits sure pay off.

Diaper Free Babies
smiling child leaning on a school desk at a daycare with toys and other kids in the background

How to choose a quality childcare provider.

As a parent we need to ask ourselves, "Is my child safe? Will they be happy and comfortable?" Of course, if they cry as we walk out the door, we wonder if we are making the right choice.

What to look for in a daycare
infant wearing winter jacket sitting in a baby seat on a picnic table with trees in the background

Leaving your baby can be difficult!

Everyday will get easier and knowing he is in great care is so important! As kids go through stages, you can expect the crying when you try to leave can start up again, though not usually as bad as their initial separation anxiety.

Dealing with your own separation anxiety
close-up of ski mountain lift with man and woman holding young child - wearing ski helmets and goggles

Family Ski Vacations

What do you do if you have a 6 year old and little ones not quite ready to manage the ski hill. It can be great fun to get out to play in the snow with your infants but you might not want to use up a day at the hill making snowmen.

Play Dates
tall sign with the name Beckers Chalet on a post in front of a large log cabin

Becker’s Chalets

Becker’s Chalets offer accommodation in rustic cabins in Jasper National Park, on the Icefields Parkway 5 minutes south of Jasper, Canada.

Becker’s Chalets
couple sitting on the ground next to a river - large Irish setter dog beside them

Different Angle Photography

Photographers Peggy & David capture special moments: weddings, engagements, family reunions, & cake smash parties!

Different Angle Photography
sparkling aqua water in an outdoor pool surrounded with lovely lounge chairs - trees and lake near - mountains background

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is a year-round luxury mountain resort on the shores of the pristine lake “Lac Beauvert.”

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
plate of elegantly garnished food

Jasper Food Tours

Jasper’s only culinary tour company.

Jasper Food Tours
hand-written fun children's menu with puzzle games

Jasper Pizza

Fun dining with games, pool table, covered roof-top patio & a special menu for kids under 12 years. They also welcome well-behaved dogs on their front patio throughout summer!

Jasper Pizza
glowing evening lights from large lake-side cabin - cabin reflection in the water - dramatic clouds

Jasper Planetarium

Jasper Dark Sky Preserve, the world’s largest astronomy park, features a 40-seat dome theatre & largest telescopes in the Rockies.

Jasper Planetarium
red cable-car sky tram high above snow-covered trees - mountains in the distance below

Jasper Skytram

Trained operators fly you to 2,263 metres where you’ll discover boardwalk and hiking trails in the alpine zone of the Canadian Rockies.

Jasper Skytram
tour boat going around small island - lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains

Maligne Adventures

Guided fishing, white water rafting, Maligne Canyon Icewalks, and wildlife tours to a selection of guided hikes and backpacking trips.

Maligne Adventures
skier mid air jump on marmot ski mountain

Marmot Basin Ski Hill

Marmot Basin is an alpine ski area located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park. Marmot Basin has 91 named runs on four mountain faces with 3,000 vertical feet of drop

Marmot Basin
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