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Exploring Jasper Part 1: Preschoolers & Grade School

23 July 2023

Exploring The Park With Your Preschoolers

Young girl playing in the sand at the edge of a lake
Building Castles & Moats at Lake Edith Beach

There is so much to see and do here in Jasper National Park. However, my advice when travelling with little ones is to pick one main activity per day to allow them time to explore! We love to visit all the lakes regardless of the weather! Beach day is everyday provided you’ve packed the right clothing!

Mini Hikers

One of our favourite hikes is to walk around lake Annette. It’s about a 45 minute hike when walking walking at a brisk pace. The path is paved all the way around to allow for strollers or wheelchairs and there is no elevation gain so its very toddler friendly for your little one enjoy the walk. You will find a playground in between lake Annette and Lake Edith as well as picnic tables and shelters. Covered cook shelters have picnic tables and, when there’s no fire ban, a wood fire cook pit.

2 boys walking along a wooded trail holding hands
Paved Path Around Lake Annette

The Great Hall

family with 2 little kids sitting at an outdoor dining terrace overlooking a lake
Dining on the Terrace at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

The Great Hall is the stunning, large dining room overlooking the lake and outdoor pool at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Besides being a beautiful location, kids under 5 eat for free!! We all could use a bit of a break, right?

The atmosphere is relaxed & cozy with a huge stone fireplace at the centre of the hall. When the weather cooperates, the very best tables are out on the patio offering a front row view of majestic Lac Beauvert looking out to Mount Edith Cavell.

horse behind a fence with girl standing next to it
While You’re Nearby, Visit the Horses at the Jasper Park Lodge Stables

Tamer Rafting Adventures

Are you wanting to ramp up your adventures with your little ones? We recommend trying white water rafting with Jasper Rafting Tours. Their rafts tours are inclusive to toddlers age 3 and up, and are specially designed for a safe and comfortable ride for all (you can even bring Grandma and Grandpa too).

Large raft on a mountain river
Larger, Calmer Rafts Allow Toddlers, Ages 3+ years

Jasper SkyTram

One of our favourite mountain adventures is a ride-hike combo at The Jasper Skytram. This activity is suited for all ages. The tram is exciting for all ages. When our kids were infants, the change in elevation, 2263 metres, bothered their ears but was easily remedied by giving them a pacifier. For bigger kids & adults, chewing gum helps your ears “pop” when the elevation change causes temporary discomfort.

Tram guides manage to do a pretty comprehensive tour on the ride up, often rich with history, geology and stories about the area. From the upper station, your hike easily begins with a boardwalk. And, if you’ve got lots of energy to burn, follow the trail to the most incredible view & alpine flowers that you’ll see nowhere else.

view from the top of Jasper Sky tram
View From Whistler’s Mountain at the Top of Jasper SkyTram

Centennial Park Tunnel Slides

We are so grateful for all the playgrounds we have to choose from in Jasper. Our favourite place to play with little ones is the Centennial Park. There are swings for babies & toddlers and some little slides. Or if your little one is a little more adventuresome, they’ll love the tunnel slides & maybe even the zip lines. But beware! Your arms can get pretty sore from “helping” them go just one more time on the zip line 🙂

Picnic at Lions Playground

Centennial Park has the added bonus of being pet friendly. If you prefer to play in a no pets park, Lions Park is perfect. It’s a smaller area & completely fenced in so perfect for fast little legs that keep you on your toes. The covered cook shelter has one picnic table plus there are other tables outside the shelter.

2 children playing on a teeter totter at a playground
Lions Park Playground Teeter-Totter

Make a Splash at the Aquatic Centre

We love to swim at the Jasper Aquatic Centre. There is a warm shallow pool with lots of toys. The middle slide pool is also nice a warm. Swimmers like the lanes in the larger pool so there’s something for everyone. The Aquatic Centre has loaner lifejackets for your non-swimmers, but some children prefer a floaty puddle jumper. If so, they are approved but you must bring your own.

kids swimming in an indoor swimming pool
Jasper Aquatic Centre

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