How to choose a quality childcare provider.

Today is our son Elijah’s second day at the Wildflowers Daycare Centre in Jasper. We picked this centre because we believe it’s a wonderful program and the staff are highly trained. Many of the staff are certified teachers.

Everyone Benefits

After looking into all our options this centre has a wonderful balance of structure and free play. Elijah is attending their program two days a week to give me a day to work on my business, to have a break (we went skiing today). I also organized my office without the help of a two year old sorting my paperwork! This time away will also give Elijah the opportunity to learn new skills,  have fun with his peers and teachers.

As a parent we need to ask ourselves is my child safe? Will they be happy and comfortable? Of course, if they cry as we walk out the door, we wonder if we are making the right choice. I know my son is crying because he loves me so much and will miss me while I’m gone. But I also know he is going to have a fun day! We received our first picture update an hour after we left and he was happily playing.

Play Time With a Purpose

We looked at their policies. The things that are important to me is that he doesn’t spend the day watching t.v. We play outside, read books, play games, make healthy food and do crafts. We looked for a daycare provider that would respect our values and do the same.  At home we make sure all aspects of his growth are looked after: physical, mental and emotional. While he is with daycare he is well cared for and loved.

My Jasper Nanny also expects that our nannies will follow the guidelines and expectations for each family. Families fill out a child information form to allow the opportunity to express their child’s needs from schedule to favourite toys, allergies and medical conditions.

Leaving your baby can be difficult!

Leaving your most precious person/people in the world can be difficult for them and parents! Today was our first day of leaving our son at the daycare. We visited many times before today, but he still cried when we left. I think that’s how our babies tell us “I’m going to miss you and I love you so much”!

I kept my happy face on until we left too, keeping it positive.

Everyday will get easier and knowing he is in great care is so important! As kids go through stages, you can expect the crying when you try to leave can start up again, though not usually as bad as their initial separation anxiety.